04/06/2011 - Vernissage
02/07/2011 - Midissage
01/10/2011 - Finissage
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The Team

From left to right: Martin Hunke, Florian Struck, Imanuel Gengenbach, Daniel Kuttner, Siegfried Haller, Uwe Geigele and Jessica Wegkamp

The project bambutopia was initiated and planned in the spring of 2009 by a core team of 7 members.

As of December 2009 bambutopia e. V. is a registered nonprofit association.

The 2011 season will be organized by 12 active members and on the support of volunteers.

We are bambutopia:

Uwe Geigele, Imanuel Gengenbach, Günther Hartmann, Martin Hunke, Daniel Kuttner, Piritta Laesmaa, Rainer Malich, Sibylle Nestrasil, RANRET, Sandra Simone Schmidt, Florian Struck, Thomas Ungricht und Jessica Wegkamp.

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